Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Menu Questions

Is rice gluten-free?

For sufferers of Celiac disease, or those who just want to maintain a gluten-free diet, gluten usually refers to a protein found in wheat and related species. What seems confusing is that rice (especially sticky rice) is often referred to as being glutinous (from the Latin for "glue-like"). However, according to and other sources, rice IS gluten-free, unless mixed with wheat or wheat flour. When we use starches for our sauces or as thickeners, it's usually corn or potato starch (both considered gluten-free). Nevertheless, you should probably avoid our sandwhiches or burgers, and the breaded or deep-fried menu items, which DO contain wheat flour.

This should not be construed as medical advice, and we cannot guarantee zero traces of gluten, but we usually do a pretty good job; consult your physician, dietician, and/or other applicable for more advice! (back)

What is MSG, and can I get my order MSG-free?

MSG stands for monosodium glutamate. It's a food additive that adds a savoury or umami (meaty / brothy) component to the taste. Most MSG is refined from plant or fungi matter, rich in the naturally-occuring amino-acid glutamic acid. As some people are sensitive to MSG, if you let us know, we can prepare your meal without added MSG. That said, there may be some low-levels of naturally-occurring MSG in some foods, and some menu items are pre-prepared and will contain some MSG (like our Wonton soup base, and certain deep-fried or breaded items).

As with salt or sugar, MSG is meant to enhance flavour--too much MSG tastes bad, and cannot be used as a substitute to make food taste more "Chinese" or "Asian"! That's why we don't over-do it! (back)

I'm allergic / sensitive to X, can I get my order without?

If you let us know ahead of time, we can make your order without shrimp / mushrooms / onions / added salt, etc. or steer you away from menu items that contain these ingredients (where applicable). We can't guarantee that your order will have absolutely zero traces of X, but we usually do a pretty good job. (back)

I can't have pork / beef / meat, can I get my order without?

If you let us know ahead of time, we can make your order without pork / beef, etc. or steer you away from menu items that contain these ingredients (where applicable). We can't guarantee that your order will have absolutely zero traces of X, but we usually do a pretty good job. We can't do strict Kashrut, Halal, or vegan, but we can definitely do vegetarian, and pork- or beef-free. (back)

What's the difference between egg rolls and spring rolls?

Egg rolls are the bigger battered and deep-fried appetizer, containing chinese-style BBQ pork, bean sprouts and other string-cut vegetables. It's usually served with the tangy orangish plum sauce.

Spring rolls are the smaller appetizers (6 to an order) stuffed with seasoned and spiced pork. Spring rolls are also deep-fried (but not battered) and are served with the red sweet and sour sauce. Yes, we also offer veggie rolls instead of the spring rolls. (back)

What's the difference between Chop Suey and all your noodles?

Chop Suey is a bean-sprout based stir-fry.

What is all this stuff on your menu?

You can find descriptions of most menu items by going to our Menu Description page (also available via the nav-bar at MENU > DESCRIPTION) (back)

So what are the noodle dishes that we have? If you look under the Noodle or Fried Noodle heading, the Cantonese (shrimp, BBQ pork, chicken, and vegetables) and Shredded Chicken (chicken and bean sprouts) Chow Mein have toppings loaded on a bed of crispy pan-fried egg noodles (thin yellow wheat noodles, also available non-pan fried, or 'soft') while the Special Chow Mein--also made with egg-noodle--is a lo-mein dish with everything mixed together. Shanghai Noodles are a wheat-based noodle all their own, while the Singapore Noodles is a spicy vermicelli rice-noodle dish with a hint of curry. Rice noodles or ho fun, (whether in the drier-style pan-fried beef with rice noodle, or as an alternative to the egg-noodle chow-mein dishes) are the white-coloured (before cooking) soft and broad noodles. (back)

Do you have a straight-up vegetarian stir fry?

Yes! If you look under the "Chop Suey" heading, there's a plain-fried mixed vegetable--vegetables stir-fryed in the Chinese garlicy-sauce (we can also change this to just steamed vegetables on request). You might not've asked, but we also have a number of tofu dishes! (back)

You've got so much on your menu, can you recommend something?!

Yes--our combos (single- or multi-person) give a nice variety! Aside from, y'know, variety, personal preference, or just for sake of trying something new, why subject yourself to the tyranny of choice...? (back)

I like your (single or multi-person) combos, but I'd like to change X, Y, and/or Z

For our single- or multi-person combos, changing out one item usually involves a substitution charge (these cause added confusion to the kitchen staff). For multiple substitutions to our multi-person combos, you're usually better off just ordering à la carte (individual menu items, rather than a 'combo'). (back)

Delivery Questions

Do you have Debit, Visa, MasterCard, or American Express at the door?

Yes! We now offer debit (Interac) or PIN-authorized Visa, MasterCard, or American Express at your door (unless the machine or network are down). (back)

Do you accept Diner's Club, Discovery, or Bob's EZ Credit?

Sorry, but we can't process anything other than Debit, Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. (back)

Do you charge for, or have a minimum amount for delivery?

Yes, we charge a $6 delivery fee which is waived if your order is $35 or more (before GST or non-menu items, like drinks or desserts--no, we will not deliver alcohol). You also have to be within about 7.5 km of us. (back)

You know that 'embiggen' is not a real word, right?

Why, it's a perfectly cromulent word! (back)

Can you draw me a picture or write me a joke on my takeout, like I see on Reddit?

Bad Luck Brian is "Honoured to be asked for Reddit Karma" but "Doesn't have the talent, creativity, or funniness to pull it off" (back)

Buffet Questions

Has your buffet been discontinued?

Unless you're specifically reserving the buffet for a larger gathering, the buffet has been discontinued. If you would like to do so, please give us a call! (back)

Website Questions

Your web site looks straight out of the 90s!

We'll take that as a compliment, since we were e-mailing menus last week, and faxing out menus the week before that! Isn't progress great? (back)

Why are your menus in .PDF format?

It prints off well! (back)

Can you channel me some fortune-cookie advice?

For sure! (back)

General Questions

Are minors permitted in the Restaurant? How about the Lounge?

Yes, minors are welcome on the Restaurant side! Minors under the age of 18 are not permitted in the Lounge. We ID under 25: please have government-issue ID ready if you'd like to enjoy an alcoholic beverage, or to enter the Lounge. (back)

Can I book off your lounge to host a private function?

Contact us, and we might be able to work something out! (back)

I think I left X when I was in, do you have a lost and/or found?

We are not responsible for any lost or stolen property. However, if we find anything left behind (that's non-perishable, not gross, etc.), we'll hang onto it for a reasonable amount of time if you want to come back and claim it! (back)

What's your WiFi password?

Ask your server (the person, not the computer!) Please use the internet safely and responsibly, and note that we reserve the right to limit / monitor / revoke access when you connect through our network. Use the big bad internet at your own risk! (back)


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